Casting/development roundup

— Vince Lombardi, the celebrated coach of the Green Bay Packers, will be the subject of the National Football League’s first feature film venture. Although the league has been involved in marketing, licensing and other areas for telepics and features, Charles Coplin, the VP of programming, said this was the first time the NFL had been involved in such a project from the start. The NFL will produce the biopic along with Andrew Hauptman’s Andell Entertainment and Chris Olsen.

— John Singleton has agreed to direct Tulia, a drama about a lawyer determined to find the truth behind a number of racially-motivated drug arrests. Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton, who co-starred in Monster’s Ball, have already been cast.

— Jennifer Aniston has agreed to star in Management, a romantic comedy co-starring Steve Zahn. She’ll play a traveling saleswoman; Zahn will play an assistant motel manager who has a fling with Aniston and then follows her on her travels. The film marks the directing debut of playwright/screenwriter Stephen Belber.

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