Casting/Development Roundup

— Nicole Kidman has agreed to star in Monte Carlo, a romantic comedy about a trio of teachers who pretend to be wealthy women while vacationing in Monaco. Kidman will also produce the film, which is to be co-written and directed by Tom Bezucha.

— Kevin Spacey will reprise his role as Lex Luther for Superman: Man of Steel, the follow-up to last year’s Superman Returns. Bryan Singer will start shooting the sequel in 2009.

— If Paramount has its way, viewers will be getting Footloose once again, this time as a full-blown musical. Zac Efron, who made his feature debut with the recently-released Hairspray, is in talks to star (he’d be taking the role Kevin Bacon played in the original).

— Aaron Sorkin has agreed to write three films for Dreamworks. The first, The Trial of the Chicago 7, will be a drama about protestors at the 1968 Democratic convention. Steven Spielberg has been working on the project with Sorkin, with an eye to directing.

— John Leguizamo has agreed to a role in an upcoming M. Night Shyamalan thriller, The Happening. Mark Wahlberg was already attached to play the lead, a man who takes his family and flees a natural disaster; Leguizamo has been cast as Walhberg’s best friend. Shooting starts in Philadelphia next month.

— Director Rod Lurie will make Nothing but the Truth, based on his own script. The story, echoing the real-life Valerie Plame case, concerns a reporter who reveals the identity of a CIA agent, and then goes to jail after refusing to divulge her source. Lurie is no newcomer to political dramas; previously, he wrote and directed The Contender and created the short-lived Commander in Chief.

Knocked Up’s Seth Rogen is reportedly close to a deal to write and possibly act in The Green Hornet, based on the radio serial and comic book series. Rogen is just the latest name to be floated for the lead; George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal were supposedly among those interested in the part at one time or another.

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