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Studio 60: The recent two-parter (“Nevada Day”) felt kind of contrived — as if Sorkin & co. said, “Let’s put these folks into their worst possible nightmare, and yank them out at the last moment” — but for the most part this show continues to be as smart and funny as Sorkin’s previous series. I especially enjoyed “The Christmas Show,” which was a good mix of show going-ons and personal entanglements. The episode did, however, forever ruin one thing for me … I can no longer watch snow falling on screen without thinking of coconut.

Boston Legal: The storyline with Lincoln Meyer is over, and the less said about it the better. A much more likeable storyline is the continuing focus on the bond between Denny and Alan, one so strong that Denny has a hilarious but utterly serious attack of jealousy over Alan’s friendship with Jerry. (Never thought I’d see William Shatner discussing his character’s feelings without it being overly hammy, but he pulled it off very well.) The fisticuffs between Brad and Jeffrey, on the other hand, were pure fun.

Gilmore Girls: The Rory/Marty deception might be the most manufactured storyline this show has ever done. (Well, next to April appearing out of nowhere and demanding some of Luke’s DNA.) It’s not that the writers didn’t take care to set it up, giving Rory two friends (never mind that they have nothing in common with her), and making one of said friends the kind who refers to her boyfriend as “Boyfriend” instead of by his proper name or even a nickname. But if the point was to stir up problems with Logan, wouldn’t it have made more sense to have the other guy be someone Rory had actually dated? It would have seemed much more logical, for instance, if Jess, who has a habit of dropping in and out, had suddenly appeared in town to meet his new stepbrother and to catch up with Rory. Milo Ventimiglia, though, is probably too busy with Heroes to make even a cameo.

Mythbusters: Those guys are nuts. They probably blew up stuff as kids for fun, and were lucky enough to get paid for it when they grew up … not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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